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Album – “it’s the little things”

Her most noteworthy moment in her singing career was the release of her debut album, “it’s the little things” which was recorded and produced with Clive Ridgway. Bev received considerable airplay with her first single “I Believe in Miracles”. Shortly after releasing the album, Bev was invited to perform on stage for the Cape Town International Jazz Festival (2007) where she performed her album material.

About the album

  • 2 years in the making
  • Started off as a fun experiment and progressed into a more serious project and we landed up with “an Album”!
  • We purposefully took an organic approach to making the CD with predefined style or criteria or audience.
  • The process took us from humble beginnings at one of Cape Town’s smaller studios, to one of the biggest studios in town known mainly for its jazz recordings.
  • The CD reflects Bev’s natural inclination towards beautiful melodies, natural rhythms, considered words and positive intent.
  • The record is inspirational at heart and has a clearly defined adult-orientated focus


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